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Iowa Bass Anglers

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Iowa Bass Anglers is a non-profit organization with our beginning in 1995.  We started out with a relatively small amount of anglers located in and around the city of Winterset, Iowa.  Since  that time, we have grown in size and amount of members.  We are a capped club of 50 members with opportunities available to join the club.  Our members reside in all areas of our state.  We pride ourselves on how far we have come from our beginning in a very short amount of time.  

Within the framework of our club, we try to promote friendship, camaraderie and mutual sharing of information regarding the sport of bass fishing.  Competition is also a part of being a bass club member, but the competition should be between you and your quarry, not between you and your fellow members.  We promote conservation, education and a fun atmosphere.  We promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for the great recreation of bass fishing.  

We are B.A.S.S. Federation Club.  This means that every member must belong to B.A.S.S.   All members are eligible to compete at the state level.  Some of our members have even made it to the divisionals.  Whoever said that dreams can't come true?

We also hold several open tournaments each year to allow non-members to participate in a tournament environment.  To get a friend, a spouse or even a child on the water to enjoy what nature has to offer.  To have the ability to place at the top and take home prize money.  To simply enjoy the beauty of a sunrise or that of a sunset or to have a change to catch the "Big One".

To us, a bass club is more that just fishing.  We want to make sure that the same opportunities that we have exists long into the future.  We want our kids and grand kids to be able to enjoy our sport as much as we do.  

Our club has had a large part in several projects with the Union County Conservation Board, both on a financial and man-hours level.  We also did a major brush-pile project at a small state run lake.  These are the things that we can do to give back, so to speak.

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